Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boards of Canada - Untitled (Machinedrum Edit) / (Video)

This is just incredible work from Machinedrum who may have stressed so much when editing this that people would hate him..or even Boards of Canada would have blacklisted him in UK gigs..'s so nice, and technically brilliant, with huge respect of the original, and huge respect of BOC sound quality..that even Boc have forwarded the why shouldn't I do the same !
Machinedrum is know to be like their small brother..I even read some saying that Machinedrum was in fact BoC !! haha.. Aphex Twin has bring the mess with all these names and side or hidden project ... now some people that are listening to Warp or Rephlex artists are suspicious about who do what and who's who !! ;)

Anyway, this track was blogged and comment all arround the world, and is still commented..In fact, I think it's one of the major event in electronica and IDM music from the last past years.. Mayeb I missed some..but this is one, for sure!

one of the best track of the moment.. thanks mister Machhinedrum.
dl: check links in machindrums comments

Monday, September 17, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012


getmeaname is an artist with no name,
and no logo !! his logo is a text where it's written 'get me a logo'...

anyway, some few short tracks but with a really big melodic and uplift talent.
And surpisingly, with only some few unreleased and unfinished tracks, more than 4000 follower !! gg :)

check the 2 tunes that are teasing us so much..only 1 or 2 minutes, long intro, with a surprising drop in the middle, and a real good sens of punching out and making people jump..but unfortunatly, nothing produced..
let's help and push this artist to finally end his tracks !!
and especialy the one called: "really sick, can't finish a single track..." ;)

my 2 favs:

Still Learning by getmeaname

Friday, August 31, 2012

Depeche Mode feat. VCMG (vince Clark + Martin Gore techno project) - Windup Robot Behind The Wheel (Mashup Remix b...

Depeche Mode feat. VCMG (vince Clark + Martin Gore techno project) !


"lowly is a very nice extract of VCMG album "SSSS"

Robert Hood - CLR Podcast 133 [2011-09-12]

Robert Hood - CLR Podcast 133 [2011-09-12]

"It is monday september twelwe two thousand eleven, this is CLR podcast ..."
This famous sentence repeated at the begining of each Chris Liebing Podcast.

This is one of my favorite podcast, some podcaster are sometime not on top with there voice and it breaks my ears.. Chris Liebing voice is sweet and clear, If I was a girl, i'ld say "sexy"... but I'm not ! ;) sorry for other podcaster, but its really not fun when the music you listen like you eat your favorite sandwich is broken by some speach not interesting and sometime hurting.. Just like you found a piece of bone in you hurts hein ?

This podcast contains most of the best talented techno DJs of the moment, and the set are long and well selected, they are all of very good sound quality and mixing quality ! Chris, as a really talented Dj, selects mixes that are mastered properly, not just extracted from live session where sometime records are push one after the other, and recording is done with your best friend smartphone jack input ;)..nice for a gig..but not for house listening.  This week, I'm listening to robert hood one... because this man is just part of techno history itself. I used to listen Alex Bau, Marcell Detmann, Par Grindvic, Surgeon, Luke Slater, steve Rachmad, Adam X, Slam, and even Martin L. gore !! enjoy !

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 20 years of archives! 20 years of archives!

In this soundcloud topic, you can find many Garnier Radio show from 1995 and 1996, for me the best period of electronic music, because all genre were trying to push the sound limits away, and there was enough place !
In his show, he presents many records he got in advance (lucky guy he was !! ;) ) : electronica, electro, drum'n'bass, and of course techno, very different style of techno, with Garnier taste and mix skills, it goes from soft housy-techno to really hard one, with his very specific way to comment the track "ce morceau masse la cervelle !! ça n'arrete jamais de monter ça! " At that time, German minimal was not yet existing like we know it now, and most of his choice was extracted from Detroit and USA, UK, Hollande and Belgium (R&S !!), Germany ... and France with F-comm of course!

What is really fun is that you can here Party announcement before his show, in "franc" not in that time, most of Parisian party were centered on Hardcore and hard-techno, main stage were receiving people like Lisa N'eliaz, Acid kirk, lenny dee, NRV dJ krew..but all party were ever having 2 or 3 stage with trance, techno, sometime house and of course: a REAL chill-out !

the main club was the REX where garnier was resident with many very good french DJ like Jack de Marseille, DJ deep, Eric Rug,and some more with Storm and Temple parties..

I recommand the Nova show of 6 April part 2.. for me, Garnier was at his top at that moment . : 20 years of archives ! by laurent garnier

Friday, August 10, 2012

GITS sessions, set 3 : tekken acid 1997

GITS sessions, set 3 : tekken acid 1997
by Vince Kuzanagi Selection of tracks that remind me when I use to play TEkken on PS1 in 1997 during my studies.. playlsit to come: here is what Ican remember: Unknown Onwards & Upwards - Eamon Harkin The Warning - Suburban Knight Afro Ride - Leftfield The House Of God (Drax remix) - Dhs Unknown Unknown Atomic - Planetary Assault Systems Unknown Unknown - The Benz - Posthuman .... I really need to do it :) Battle For Middle You - Julio Bashmore Winamp Melodrama - 2562